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2009 Vendor Advice and Trends from Lena Hartford - Hair That Moves

Lena Hartford from Hair That Moves talks about choosing the right hair style for the big day! Check her out at

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When choosing a hair style for your wedding, some brides like to follow “wedding trends” from magazines and there are THOUSANDS of options to choose from so picking the right style for you can be daunting. Here are some pieces of advice when thinking about a hair style:

Classic vs. Trendy

-A classic style will look the best in photos when you look at yourself years down the road. If you are choosing a hair style that is trendy - great! - but it also needs to compliment your dress and overall look and feel of the wedding; not overpower them. For instance, if you are having a formal ceremony, a formal updo with a long veil and several pieces of décor is appropriate. However, a formal style may not fit a beachside or outdoor ceremony. I would recommend a soft look to go with the natural background.

Consultations and Trial Runs

-The most important part of choosing a style comes at your consultation. This appointment includes talking about these details and asking a professional for their take on what may work for each situation. For instance, a style that is not secure to withstand the windy elements of a beachside ceremony may not be a good choice.

-Other things to consider when choosing a style is the overall feel of the wedding, the ceremony location, the types of weather you could run into, dress style, and most importantly, what you are wearing in your hair. Some styles will hold a heavy veil or big décor better than others.

-I recommend bringing pictures of styles or parts of styles that you like and dislike. This allows me to get a clear vision of your desired outcome.

-Once you are able to choose an overall look, you will start creating this style. Sometimes, brides are uncertain about what looks best. In this case, I find it important to try several different looks so you are able to see how you look and feel in each one.

-I allow 1-2 hours for a trial. Your vision for the day needs to be the most important part of this. Once you find it, you will know.

-I always need my brides to “love” their look. After creating this style together, I draw diagrams and take notes and photos so I can recreate this look on the day of the wedding.

And finally,

-I recommend having this consultation 1-2 months before the wedding so the season and feel of the wedding is fresh. If you are coloring or trimming your hair, I recommend about 2 weeks before the wedding so it is fresh but settled.

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