Friday, July 24, 2009

Wedding Photography Schedules- No. 2 Matthew Lomanno

Matthew Lomanno shares some insight and advice about how and when to schedule your wedding photographs. Here are some of his thoughts on the subject.

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- Take time to think about your formals before the wedding day and include your parents in the discussion. And if you have grandparents, it’s always nice to include them in the process, as well.

- It’s helpful to get a list beforehand of what the bride and groom are looking for and who they’d like to include in their formal photos. I will then take the list and organize it the night before the wedding to get through things quicker on the day of.

- Large group photos can be done right after the ceremony before everyone makes their way to the reception. For example, ask the Officiant to make an announcement to have guests join the bride and groom in front of the church when the ceremony is over.

- I usually suggest taking pictures right after the ceremony before the cocktail hour or sometimes at the end of the cocktail hour right before dinner.

- During dinner, I like to take the bride and groom out for about 20-30 minutes so they have some time to take in the moment now that they're married!

- Group shots are usually taken during the reception. When there is a quick break, have the DJ/Band make an announcement about group photos. You can always consider having a formalized break to take them right after dinner or before the dancing begins.

- My approach is very laid back. I really want to hear from the bride and groom and make sure everything on their wish list is covered. And keep in mind, each couple has different items on their wish list so schedules do vary from one to another, which is ok!

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