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2009 Vendor Advice and Trends - Ashley Vaughn from Occasions Bridal and Tuxedos

Ashley Vaughn from Occasions Bridal and Tuxedos shares some great advice for brides (and grooms) when scheduling their attire fittings. Check out her website: Occasions Bridal and Tuxedos


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Q: For the typical bride, how many dress fittings are required?
A: Each bride is different and depending what needs to be done, approximately 3 to 5 fittings are needed.

Q: When should brides schedule their fittings?
A: Brides should schedule their first fitting about 8 to 10 weeks before their wedding date. The final fitting should be 1 week prior to the wedding.

Q: How are dress sizes determined and ordered?
A: Dresses are ordered based on the measurements of the individual (chest, waist, hips, height). Their measurements are compared to the designer size chart since sizing varies from one designer to another, and the size that is the closest match is ordered (typically slightly larger to work with).

Q: What is the general costs of dress fittings for brides?
A: Alteration costs depend on the work that’s being done to the dress. The average cost for alterations to a dress usually falls between $225 to $350.

Q: What should the bride remember to bring with her to each fitting?
A: Brides should bring with them the shoes they are wearing for the wedding as well as any particular undergarments.

Q: When do you show the bride how to bustle her dress?
A: Bustle instructions are given at the final fitting. Brides should bring with them their maid of honor, a bridesmaid, mother, or a helper to learn how to bustle the dress at the final fitting. I usually provide written bustle instructions with each dress.

Q: When should the bride pick up her dress? Are there any special instructions?
A: We suggest picking up the gown 2 to 3 days before the wedding. The dress will already be steamed (as it's included in our alteration service) and are steam-pressed on a bust form and stuffed with tissue. All that is left to do is to hang the dress until the wedding day!

Q: How do you handle the groom and groomsmen?
A: The groom and groomsmen should be measured for their tuxedos 6 to 8 weeks prior to the weddings. As for fittings, there is no cost associated with it. Tuxedos are ordered in their size and any last minute pant hems are done at no charge.

Q: For bridesmaids and flower girls, how are they handled?
A: Bridesmaids and flower girls usually need 1, or sometimes 2 fittings. They should schedule their fittings 1 month prior to the wedding. For alterations, the cost depends on what needs to be done. The cost for alterations can vary between $25 to $85. And like the bride, shoes and undergarments are also needed at the fittings for bridesmaids and flower girls.

Q: How do you take care of bridal party members if they are out-of-state (and can't make it to your shop)?
A: Out of town bridesmaids and groomsmen can simply get measured at their local tux/bridal shop or taylor. Then all they have to do is call in their measurements.


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