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2009 Vendor Advice and Trends from Joanne McDonough - Joya beauty

Joanne McDonough from Joya beauty answers some very important and popular questions brides have when thinking about makeup applications on their wedding day. Check out her website at Joya beauty!

Q. Is there a difference in makeup for digital photographs?

A. Lights… Camera… Pixels! The expression “What you see is what you get” is more accurate than ever in the world of digital photography. As the years have passed, cameras, lighting and makeup products have all become more sophisticated. Photo quality and detail is so precise that your makeup must be clean, color correct, meticulously blended, and lightweight- yet still offer the coverage needed to make your skin look natural and feel great..

Q. How do weather conditions impact my makeup?

A. Rain, heat and humidity all affect how makeup not only lasts throughout your event but also how it needs to be applied applies. Cream products such as eyeliners, eye shadows, blushes, lip pencils, and lipsticks all have melting points. They will crease, run and smudge before you can say “I do”. Choose powders for eyes and cheeks as well as the new long lasting formulas for eye liners and lip products to make sure you look as fresh at the end of your reception as you did for the pre-ceremony photos.

Q. How to convey your ideas about makeup looks to your makeup specialist.

A. Here are a glossary of terms to make sure your makeup specialist gets a clear picture of what you mean by “natural”, “dramatic”, “smoky” etc., use photos – good and bad etc., search the Internet to find examples of what you like and don’t like.

Q. What should happen at a pre-application, makeup design appointment?

A. Make the appointment time for the same time of day when you are having your formal photographs taken. That way you can see yourself in the correct light and make sure the makeup is appropriate. Allow enough time to try out different colors, products and intensities. You should know exactly how the makeup will look and feel for the Big Day so you take that walk down the aisle as radiant as you always dreamed.

Q. Airbrush makeup applications are all the buzz. What exactly is airbrush makeup?

A. It’s an entirely new way to apply color to skin. It sprays a gentle mist of air and the colors can be blended and mixed to look incredibly natural. This technique has been used in entertainment, film and TV as well as in live theater and for fantasy special effects. It minimizes skin imperfections, while still giving a beautifully natural finished looking result. Lighter than air - this is the cosmetic industry breakthrough.

Airbrush makeup has been used for over a decade by leading motion picture and television professional makeup artists. The pressure is so light it feels like blowing on a candle. The spray-on makeup is so natural looking that it can be easily sprayed on arms, legs and hands without the appearance of heavy, powdery makeup. Airbrush makeup formulations are quick drying and can be layered to cover fine lines, wrinkles, scares, spider veins, and age spots. Even tattoos and skin conditions such as port wine stains, birthmarks, and burns vanish. It safely covers up bruises and scars after surgery .

Q. How can I get my skin to look picture perfect for my wedding day and beyond?

A. Top 10 ways to defend your skin:

1. Sunscreen all year long. The sun showers us with hazardous rays even on grey days. We are just fooled because it is cloudy. Don’t forget that sun reflects off of water so you need to protect your skin poolside even while wearing a hat.

2. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate. Drink plenty of water and reduce caffeine consumption and watch your skin glow.

3. Practice “barrier” repair and “lipid” replenishment – products that contain lipids keep the skin barrier intact. This will enhance your body’s natural moisturizing factor, reduce irritation and inflammation, speed skin healing and recovery.

4. Consume vitamins and anti-oxidants daily topically and internally.

5. Reduce sugar intake which causes a process known as “glycation” – a naturally occurring process which increases as we age. Sugar molecules bond with protein molecules which creates a glycated protein and it becomes weak, brittle or fractured making it vulnerable to the dreaded free radical attack.

6. Reduce the occurrences of inflammation caused by UV exposure and overuse of harsh, acidic and irritating chemicals.

7. Stop Over-exfoliating.

8. Manage and Reduce stress.

9. Get regular professional facials using products that contain ingredients that are generally more bio-available, massage which releases deeply embedded toxins, floods tissues with fresh re-oxygenated blood that will bring a boost to the skin.

10. Don’t skip home care – if we are faithful with our home care we have 60 opportunities a month to nourish, hydrate and protect skin against environmental damage.

Q. What are the “must haves” in my day of touch up kit?

A. "Must haves" are:

- Blotting Papers

- Pressed Translucent Powder in case blotting papers are not enough

- Lipstick, Lip Gloss and or Lip Pencil to retouch after all of the kissing and champagne - small container of hairspray to keep fly-aways under control

- Bobby Pins in case your up-do comes undone while dancing

- Toothpicks to dislodge strawberry seeds, celery strings or spinach or even a small package of floss

- Tissues to wipe away smudges or other well wishing kisses from your cheek

- Double-sided Tape or a needle and thread for torn hems and straps

- Foot pads to keep your feet from perspiring and slipping in your shoes

- Small band-aids for blisters

- Baby powder and white chalk to remove or cover stains

- Breath mints, nail file, small vial of fragrance and the pain reliever of your choice just in case a headache comes on during the festivities

And just rememer, a good professional makeup artist will help you every step of the way. Make sure your makeup artist is willing to listen and work with you. It’s your day. You deserve to look as beautiful as you feel.

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