Thursday, July 23, 2009

2009 Vendor Advice and Trends from Megan Farley - Megan Dey Photography

Megan Farley from Megan Dey Photography gives some great advice when booking a photographer! Check out Megan Dey Photography to see her work:

- Don't shop based on price. There's a reason for the price difference, I promise. When looking at the photographer's work, do you see relaxed, posed photos or stiff people? Do they look like they're having fun?

- Take a look at the shadows. Are they harsh? If it was a bright day, are the person's eyes dark? A true photographer knows how to avoid or correct these situations.

- Look at the quality of the album. Are they hard bound or soft bound? The nicer the book the more it's going to cost, but with that, the more ooohhh and ahhhs you're going to get when people see the finished product.

- Ask how long it will take to see your photos and receive your album. My clients see their photos when they return from their honeymoon. I also have an album design all done, so when they get back, their album is ready to view. I do allow for my clients to make changes; it just depends on how long they take to make those changes.

- Don't forget about the details. You (the bride and groom) put A LOT of thought and planning into the big day so make sure your photographer will key in on all of the details. You shouldn't have to tell them, but as you hunt around for the right photographer look at their work. Does it show some of the smaller stuff such as the DIY projects you spent time on? Or if you hired an event designer, you want to remember what it looked like as I'm sure you won't have time to take it all in.

- And, make sure you connect with your photographer. This person is going to be with you for a long time on your wedding day and you want to make sure you get along; and for most of my clients, become friends :)

Also, check out some of Megan's incredible photos!

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