Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wedding Photography Schedules- No. 1 Studio Nouveau

Lara and Kate from Studio Nouveau share their advice on how to schedule your wedding day photography. Take a look at what they have to say!

Also check out their fabulous work at: Studio Nouveau

Kate and I usually arrive to the bride one hour before she leaves for the ceremony. This gives us enough time to capture the details in the room, last hair and makeup touch-ups and bride putting on her dress & veil. Depending on the couple and time of year of the wedding determines when we do the formals and shots of the couple alone!

Option 1: If it's summer in high gear and the sun is up until about 8pm we usually do the formals immediately after the ceremony, usually the first 15minutes of the cocktail hour, and then we use the last 45 minutes for the couple alone.

Option 2: If it's an autumn wedding and the sun sets earlier, 5pm-ish, then we try and schedule the formals and the couple photos before the ceremony. (Also takes one hour start to finish) Some couples hesitate at this option because they're not sure if they want to see each other before the ceremony- totally understand that! We try and have a little "ceremony" for them that we call "the reveal": bride and groom will either have their backs toward eachother, or hold hands on either side of a door frame, etc. something so we still capture that bewildered and surprised look on their faces when they turn to see eachother! It's usually quite emotional.

The infamous college friend photos: If there's time left during the cocktail hour we'll ask the bride to wrangle her girlfriends, if not I'll assign the maid of honor or someone in the gaggle to wrangle everyone on the dance floor. Kate and I have a photo booth called Love. Note. Spot. which is a great remedy to the college friend photos, they can all write their messages and inside jokes all night!

Here's a timeline we just finalized with a Bride (it's very official!)

3:30-4:30pm dress, makeup, final hair primping
4:30-5:15pm, reveal the lovebirds, take killer photos, have a ton of fun
5:15-6pm touch up make-up, drink a beer, chillax
6-6:30pm Ceremony
6:30-7:30pm Cocktail (and pictures- few formals, mostly fun candid)
7:30 Reception, Party Time
Love. Note. Spot. will be available to your guests all night!

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  1. Kate & Lara of Studio Nouveau are not only supreme professionals and artists but so much FUN to work with! They made our day magical. They convinced us to do a reveal before the ceremony and we are SO GLAD we did. Not only did we get amazing photos but it helped us calm any jitters and make sure we were still both showing up! haha. Great advice, great photos, fabulous ladies!


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