Friday, September 25, 2009

Vendor Advice and Trends - Samantha Finigan from Gus & Ruby Letterpress

Samantha and Whitney from Gus & Ruby Letterpress are passionate about their work and really care about the bride and groom's experience when it comes - not only to picking out their venue or attire - but paper products. Many times, the experience of picking out invitations is overlooked as many brides find themselves just sitting down at a table flipping through multiple binders and not speaking with anyone until they've come up with a decision. But with Samantha and Whitney, the experience is personalized for each couple and advise brides to make sure it's an important and meaningful part of planning a wedding.


image by emilie inc.

And as we were talking with Samantha about their shop in Portsmouth (with Whitney in the background :)), she shared with us some tips she gives couples when choosing paper products for their occasion. See what she has to say...

-This goes for any vendor you choose; be sure to work with people you like and fully trust. Choose someone who will be a good advocate for what you want and really care about how the end product turns out. The vendor you choose should be open to constant communication; comfortable enough to call at anytime because we're here to be your resource for information.

-When thinking about your invitations; make it personal. We're starting to see a trend with brides moving away from extravagance and more into an intimate feel and style where the whole experience is carefully crafted. The bride and groom are making a huge commitment, and the decisions that they make and the work that we do should reflect their life together. Working with vendors to craft that experience, whether it's choosing colors, wording, or helping the to create a letterpress cut of the location where they're getting married, personalizes their moments together.

-Take your time figuring things out and go with what your gut tells you to go with. Often times, we see brides over-think things, either because family members or friends are giving input on what to do or brides think about what others want to see. Always go with how your heart feels--it's your day.




images above by emilie inc.



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