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2009 Vendor Advice and Trends - Lindsey Maurath from Fresh LiME Events

Lindsey from Fresh LiME Events shares with brides some helpful tips when considering and choosing a wedding planner. Check out her website: Fresh LiME Events








Top 7 things to consider when hiring a Wedding Planner:

1. Hiring a wedding planner near to you or your location is important. For domestic weddings, hire a planner that is relatively near to the area where you’re going to marry. But if you and your fiancĂ© opt for a destination wedding, hire a planner that is close to where you live.

2. When you interview wedding planners, one of the most important things you should ask yourself is “Do we click?” You’ll be working with your wedding planner for months and months, so you should be able to see yourself spending lots of time with him or her. Plus you want to totally trust your planner. If you don’t have a connection, you likely won’t be able to give up some control and trust that your planner will do a good job.

3. Event Planners are really different. No planner is alike. Some planners are strictly that – they can coordinate all of the details and logistics, but might not be able to think beyond that. An event planner and designer, though, will be able to provide all of the event management aspects, but also be able to help design the overall look and feel to your wedding. When looking at what different planner charge, be sure to look at what they’re really offering.

4. Always ask who will be on location the day of your wedding. At some companies you might originally meet with the owner or lead planner of the company, but come wedding day, you might be seeing an associate planner. You certainly don’t want to be caught off guard, so be sure to ask at the very first meeting who will be there. If it’s not the person you’re meeting with, ask for a separate meeting with that person before you sign any contract. Be sure to include your wedding-day coordinator on all meetings moving forward as well.

5. Couples believe that they can plan their own wedding, but what most newly engaged couples don’t realize, though, is that planning a wedding really becomes a full-time job. Realistically, do you really have the time to plan your wedding and worry about all the details? If you answer the question honestly and decide you don’t have the time to devote to planning, hire a planner.

6. Ask for references. I obviously advocate for hiring a planner you click with, but don’t forget to ask for references. Planners should happily give you a few references to contact. I wouldn’t invest in something so important to me with fleshing it out, so how can I expect you to do the same. We always give out contact information from past-brides, but also from vendors we’ve worked with.

7. Wedding coordinators at venues are great, but they typically won’t take on the tasks that an independent coordinator would. Plus venue coordinators ultimately answer to the venue’s management. By hiring a separate wedding coordinator, you can ensure that he or she will always have your best interest at heart.

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