Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wedding Photography Schedules - No. 6 Geneve Hoffman Photography

Geneve Hoffman shares 10 tips that every bride should know about wedding day formals. You can check out more photos on her website: Geneve Hoffman Photography

Modern brides should no longer have to choose between having great candids (wedding photojournalism/reportage) and having stunning portraits (fine art portraiture/traditional). Today’s best wedding photographers will be trained in, and offer both. Once you have found a quality photographer for your day, based on portfolio, price/service, philosophy, and compatibility, here are the top 10 ways to make the most of your wedding day formal portraits:

1. Take advantage of engagement sessions. Win-win in many ways: practice being romantic in public for the big day, professional portraits of you as an engaged couple, build rapport with your shooter, use for guest books/websites/save the dates, see how gorgeous you really are!

2. Leave room in your day, but not too much, for the formals. Work closely with your photographer and planner to ensure that there is enough time, without rushing or lollygagging, for great portrait sessions throughout the day.

3. Space formals throughout the day: each phase of wedding day presents unique portrait opportunities. I like to do several 15-minute “mini” sessions as day unfolds to capture real time emotion and joy and to avoid “photo-fatigue” of long sets.

4. Don’t do formals before the ceremony…unless you want to! Experienced photographers will honor that once in a lifetime “threshold” moment when the groom sees you at the ceremony for the first time and work closely on your timeline to ensure amazing portraits before AND after the ceremony.

5. Create a shot list…or don’t: great photographers will get the job done either way! Each couple has different priorities, and photography is a service that should cater to your heart’s desire…you can’t give an experienced photographer too little or too much information.

6. Sit back and enjoy your day: allow planners, assistants, or designated party to coordinate formals. Photographers will have worked this out weeks before the wedding so that you don’t have to!

7. Keep family portraits to immediate family only when pressed for time. Extended family shots, that may not even make the final album, can quickly eat up all your time allotted for the more important portraits of bride and groom and bridal party. Remember, you are the center of attention for this one day!

8. Do family portraits right away at ceremony site, bridal party at reception site. This allows family to depart for cocktail hour to act as “hosts,” makes the best use of time, and keeps visual interest by changing backgrounds.

9. You choose this location…now make the most of it! Creative photographers take advantage of every nook and cranny at your location…of course, it’s fun to go to a special spot like the beach or a lighthouse, just allow for the special transportation and extra time.

10. Be spontaneous, be romantic, be goofy, PDA all the way! This is truly a once in a lifetime day…have a glass of champagne and ham it up! Turns the photo session into a fun part of your day. Hold hands, pucker up, jump up and down, run barefoot on the beach…relax and be marry!

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