Friday, October 16, 2009

Vendor Advice and Trends - Austin from Donald & Trenholm Photographers on Wedding Photography

Austin Trenholm from Donald & Trenholm Photographers shares with brides some helpful tips on choosing the right photographer for their big day. You can check out just some of Austin's work below or you can visit their site at to see more!

Head Shot

- Make sure you like your photographers. Generally people don't like getting their picture taken by anybody. If you don't especially like your photographer then you won't be comfortable while being photographed.

- Ask to see lots of work. Ask to see the last wedding they did. Anybody can put together a website with good images if they take enough photos. A good photographer will make quality work every time.

- Talk a lot ahead of time about what kind of photos you like, or just some of the favorite things about your wedding so far. Those details help a photographer ensure to get those extra shots that may not be the most obvious, but you'll love! Consistent communication is a large part of our success as photographers.

- Doing an engagement shoot or any kind of pre-shoot will help you become more comfortable in front of the camera and also help the photographer know exactly how to make you look your best on the wedding day. Everyone photographs differently.

- Show your photographers photos of your dress ahead of time! We love dresses and it helps us plan for photographing it.

Austin also shares with brides a few trends he's currently seeing in the photography world...

- The trend today is a very stylish one. We are seeing a lot of dresses and hair styles that are reminiscent of times past, 30s and 40s style. We love that.

- Digital! Although we do have a special place in our hearts for film, digital is king. It allows for so much creativity that it is the best way to work. Today's digital cameras and equipment are so good that there is simply NO excuse for missing a moment. We also love this!

Check out some of their work below...




Greg and Sarah-187 sparta w-tx




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