Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Vendor Advice and Trends - Calluna Fine Flowers on working with a Floral Designer

Heather from Calluna Fine Flowers shares with brides some advice when finding and working with a floral designer for their wedding day. Check out what Heather has to say and see some of her fabulous work below.

- You should feel comfortable with the people you hire. Get a good feeling of what the vendor does, the products they have, the quality they produce, and their pricing. The vendor needs to provide what you're looking for and not change what you want to fit them. Also, if you don't connect with the vendor, it's not going to work.

- You need to trust your vendors. Brides always want to be involved with every detail of their wedding, as they should be. But there is some point where the bride needs to feel comfortable enough to let go and let us do our jobs.

- When working with flowers, trust your floral designer to surprise you a little bit. I had one bride and she just said to me "surprise me!" She did tell me a few of her favorites but I went out to the market and picked different things that she never thought of. She trusted me to do something fabulous and was able to do just that.

- The biggest thing to keep in mind when choosing flowers for you wedding, make sure you look at examples in the store on the their website and talk to other brides who've had used the vendor. Recommendations and word-of-mouth is always emotion-filled which will give you a better feel for the vendor.








Calluna Fine Flowers

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