Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wedding Photography Schedules - No. 4 Sarah Fantom Photography

Sarah Fantom shares with us her thoughts and process on taking wedding day formals. Check out some of her photos below or visit her website: Sarah Fantom Photography

When I begin formals I request immediate family and bridal party only. Once we have completed immediate family, I send them off to "host" while I finish with the wedding party. This typically takes 25 minutes or so. I then will finish up with the bride & groom. In total it would take about 45 minutes(if all are cooperative!).

Even grandparents can be taken later during cocktails or between dinner courses. Sometimes they cannot move so easily and this does not hinder them at all. I am flexible and want to work with my clients to help them enjoy every aspect of their day. I certainly will suggest certain times to take pictures and what sequence if they have an unusual reception, ceremony etc.

I always leave it up to the bride & groom to choose when they want their formals taken. Who am I to say they should break tradition and see one another before the walk down the aisle? Sometimes the day would move much smoother if they do indeed opt for this option- to me it does not make a difference either way. I am there to capture everything from start to finish anyhow.

Most resorts I work at are so beautiful within themselves, there is no need to go off site. If there is a church ceremony and a reception site elsewhere then I always recommend a place in between that would be a nice transition location - be it the beach, a park, or even the Brewster Grist Mill.

I tell my bride's and groom's during our first meeting how I would expect the day to go - doesn't always happen - but it gives them a sense of how I work as well as my second photographer. It also gives them reassurance that I do know what should be happening when, you know there is something to be said for experience! This is when I also tell them, as well as the parents who I expect to be in formals. So any college, sororities, fraternities, work friends, high school or extended family pictures can be taken during cocktails or during dancing. Many times we stop the DJ/Band and simply take 10 minutes to call up those large groups. This is a very efficient way to get everyone there and make sure no one is missing.

Overall it is my job to take pictures. I am hired by my client and despite that I have my own work flow I can fit in just about any photo they may be looking for. Between 2 photographers, we work it out so to keep everyone happy.

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