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Vendor Advice and Trends - Diana from Diana Ma Weddings & Events on Planning

Diana from Diana Ma Weddings & Events shares with brides some helpful advice when working with a planner and some ways to help you achieve that dream wedding.


1. Please be as specific and detailed as possible. Planners want to give brides and grooms what they want. We try to anticipate our clients' needs, but we are planners not mind-readers :-)

2. Always ask. I try to keep the doors of communication open with all of my clients. I never want anyone to think they are imposing... it's a really monumental rite of passage we are planning together. It's better to get your concerns out in the open than to stew on them!

3. Determine what your top 3 most important, can't live without items are for your wedding and arrange your budget around those 3 things. Are you artistic and want to splurge on photography/videography? Then cut back on something that is less important to you. Too many times I have heard clients come to me for sophisticated photographers but they've only allowed $1,500 in their budget to book one. It's always best to evaluate your priorities first. You want to be able to spend on items that are near and dear to both you and your fiance.

4. Planners have your best interest in mind. Even if a client suggests something that may logically be un-doable for the event, planners will often exhaust resources to try and make it happen for them. However, try to keep an open mind if the request cannot be executed as imagined. Often times there are alternative solutions that may achieve the desired effect better.

5. Make sure it is clear up front, what you expect from your planner - as far as what they are managing and tracking. Miscommunications are easily avoided when both parties clear the air at the time of booking. Also, make sure you tell your planner what additional items they are responsible for - i.e. showers & other pre-parties, after parties, honeymoon bookings, etc.

6. Trust your intuition. Do not hire a planner even if she/he comes highly recommended if you do not feel an instant connection. This is your day! You will be seeing a lot of each other throughout the process and she/he will become your partner in crime. If the chemistry is not there, don't be afraid to tell the planner up front. The most professional planners will recommend you to another one of their colleagues whom they admire and respect.

7. Look for planners that have access to support staff. The day of the event is adrenaline filled for brides, grooms, families and vendors. There should always be a planner by side your side as you get ready as well as one on site to make sure there are no glitches in set-up.

8. Planners are the calm in a storm of nerves. Make sure your planner has a positive, calm demeanor about him/her. It is best to stay away from visually high-strung people... it's an emotional time! You don't want to be keyed up more than you already will be.

9. Keep your sense of humor. Come on, life is funny! How great the day turns out is 90% attitude. If the unexpected happens, roll with it. You are celebrating with the love of your life! Keep your eye on the prize for a beautiful life together and you are golden!

10. Allow yourself to enjoy the day. It can take more than a year's time to plan and execute an event. The actual wedding goes by in a flash. Stay calm, stay happy and relish every single moment of it! It's equivalent to crossing the finish line to an intense marathon, after months and months of training.

Diana also says that brides are getting a little "bolder" with the use of colors...

I've seen a big trend toward big bold colors which I personally love! My last wedding had bridesmaids in dark blue dresses with lemon verbena pumps! I think the rules have become blurred lately and brides & grooms are stepping outside the box to make sure their guests are having a great time and their personal touches are incorporated throughout. It’s almost as if there are no “rules”. As long as you can remain positive, have fun and do all you can to make your guests feel welcome, there is simply no wrong way to get married!



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